Saturday, April 30, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mathieu Mategot Perforated Metal Bowls 1950's France

Tony Paul "Tempo Group" Catch-it-All 1950's New York

Charles Eames DCW Dining Chair Evans Aniline Black 1950's

Roger Capron Modernist Coffee Table 1950's France

Rarely seen Roger Capron abstract coffee table. Iron base, bamboo and ceramic. c. 1950's

Allan Gould "String Chairs" 1952 New York

Steel frame with original hemp string. Manufactured by Allan Gould Designs, New York. 1952 Permanent part of The MoMa Collection

Tony Paul "Tempo Group" Magazine Rack 1950's New York

A stunning Tony Paul magazine rack with a wrought iron frame, wooden ball feet that holds a removable birch tray with wrought iron handles. This rack was manufactured by Woodlin-Hall and was part of the “Tempo Group”. The item number is No. 812

Monday, April 4, 2011

George Nelson Sunflower Wall Clock 1958

This is a rare find, A beautiful vintage Sunflower Clock designed by Irving Harper in 1958 under George Nelson & Associates for Howard Miller. This rare clock was only made for 2 years. Molded walnut, black stain, brass markers and withe hands. 30" x 3" d